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Archangel Michael 'Who is like God'

Michael is the Angel of Strength, Courage, Protection, truth and integrity. He releases fear from the planet and humanity, call on him if you are afraid or worried about your personal safety. Michael will aid you with your life purpose and making any necessary changes. Michael can help fix electrical or mechanical problems. He is the patron Archangel of police officers, and is often seen aiding the military.


Archangel Raphael 'God heals'

Raphael is the angel of Healing and abundance, Ask him to aid your self healing and healing of others, ask him for help when setting up a healing practice. Raphael also protects travellers so call on him before any journey and ask that he keeps you safe. Raphael helps with clairvoyance and allows us to see things clearly.


Archangel Gabriel 'Strength of God'

Gabriel is the Angel of guidance, vision, inspiration, prophecy and purification. Gabriel is the messenger angel, and she attends all births and helps mothers and children during childbirth. Gabriel helps earth messengers such as writers, teachers and journalists. Call on Gabriel if you need help with any form of communication or to manifest your dreams and goals.


Archangel Uriel 'Light of god'

Uriel is the angel of peace and light he will pour light into troublesome situations, and remove anger to bring peace to all.


Archangel Zadkiel 'Righteousness of God'

Zadkiel is the angel of joy, mercy and transmutation. Ask him to remove all toxins of anger and unforgiveness, by the use of his silver Violet flame so that it may be transmuted by the aid Grace in to positive energy.


Archangel Chamuel 'He who sees God'

Chamuel is the angel of unconditional love. Chamuel works on the pink ray. Call on Chamuel to find a new love relationship, new friends, new job, or to find any lost items. Chamuel will also aid in repairing and misunderstandings in present love, working, or personal relationship.



Archangel Jophiel 'Beauty of God'

Jophiel is the angel of wisdom, illumination, and teaching. He allows us to see the beauty in all things, Jophiel also aids the Earth by cleansing pollution and making the planet beautiful.


Archangel Jeremiel 'Mercy of God'

Jeremiel motivates us to work regular with our spiritual practices, Jeremiel will be with us at times of great change in our life, and will aid a smooth transition and help us take the right steps.


Archangel Metatron 'Angel of presence'

He is thought to be the youngest and the tallest of the Archangels, and is the only Archangel who once walked the earth as a man (as the prophet Enoch). Metatron works with Mother Mary to help children both living and crossed over. Call upon him for any assistance connected with children. He helps the indigo and crystal children to open up to spiritual gifts and not to be afraid of them.


Archangel Sandalphon 'Brother'

He is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron, and Is Archangel of the Earth, he rules and establishes peace and joy and brings harmony to the nature kingdom he helps with any environmental issues. He is also known for his works with music and Prayer, especially for space clearing and can be called upon with Archangel Michael to remove lower energies.

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